Sunday, January 06, 2008

colour therapy

Tomorrow I go back to work after a two week, super-productive and yet entirely relaxing vacation. There is some trepidation though; the place that I left two weeks ago is no longer the same. The company I work for was bought by another last year and the deal became official just before the holidays. I hear that our company logo was taken off the building already last I will be stepping into something changed, something different, something I may or may not be ready for. But hey, that's just the way things go.

To help stay positive through this transition, I'm thinking about colour. The blog got a small update (I mean really, I've had the same colours for over two years!) and I knit up a colourful hat to wear tomorrow. I was totally inspired by this baby hat (and what a photo!) so I rounded up scraps of Misti Cotton, Fleece Artist Merino and Louisa Harding silk to make the above. Adding the pompom was key, and so much fun to do. The hat was completely experimental, so I'm pleasantly surprised by the good shaping and when I asked Sadie what we should call it, without hesitation she said "Perry Hat". Okay, so Perry Hat it is. And at the very least, whatever happens tomorrow, my head will be plenty warm.

Next up - painting the living room red. Seriously.


Chico said... [Reply to comment]

Our living room is eggplant. Seriously.

melissa said... [Reply to comment]

I love your Perry hat - the colours are great