Monday, January 01, 2007

year end

I like to think I am not a procrastinator, but the only things I made this holiday season were a bunch of mini "bundlies" to give out as ornaments to a few special people...and I made them all the night before I needed them. Even though I had to stay up into the wee hours, it did remind me of how much I miss sitting at the sewing machine watching something new come together. And foolishly I thought I could keep the creative urge alive over my vacation from work, but a nasty, miserable cold left me glued to the couch with only knitting needles and a toddler to keep me sane. I still have a few days before I go back to work and the cold is (fingers crossed) letting up, so I may have hope yet. Inspiration isn't the problem - just before Christmas I got this wonderful package from Tamar containing two caged birds. We had just the place to hang them and they are the loveliest lovebirds ever, and I need to take more photos to really show the stitched details. I'll be in New York at the end of the month and hopefully I'll get to see more of Tamar's work in person.

At the very least I finished a pair of socks between blowing my nose and watching Tornado Sadie play with her new things. They took longer than Sadie's - of course - but they are still magical to knit and I love the feel of them on my long as I don't wipe out on the hardwood. Here are the details:

Pattern: Fleece Artist Basic Merino Socks
Yarn: Koigu
Needles: 3mm Pony DPNs
Mods: just the ribbing, I kept it shorter than suggested.


Holly Burnham said... [Reply to comment]

Sorry about your cold....the Holidays seem to bring germs with them every year.

The socks are great. Love the color.

Debra said... [Reply to comment]

Love that colorway! Do you still have the tag with the dyelot?