Monday, December 19, 2005

who's that girl?

Every so often, the camera captures a Sadie I don't know yet; a more demure, more independent little girl that has waved goodbye to babyhood. This is one of those moments from the future even though at the time she was a true toddler making an awful mess of my closet, emptying a box of breast pads and tossing sweaters over her shoulder (you can catch a glimpse of me trying to sew in the background...this is how chaos begins!) I hold on to every moment now because at 14 months Sadie is the most charming creature I've ever known, and I won't apologize for the cliche. I fall in love with her every weekend, especially when I take an extra day off. Tomorrow morning's reality of heading to work will be that much harder, but I'll just have to rush home at 5pm to catch my baby before these little glimpses become the norm.


elizabooth said... [Reply to comment]

Yesterday, when you and your lovely family graced my house with your presence, I looked to my left at one point and there was Sadie, holding onto my arm and shyly smiling like she was asking to be invited into my conversation. She's definitely entering that not a baby, not quite a kid phase and it's quite something to behold.

And for the record, I also think she's one of the most charming creatures I've come across. While I'm partial to my own little gap-toothed, belly-laughing skinny minnie Ruby, Sadie's pretty great too.

scarbie doll said... [Reply to comment]

Could she be MORE stunning? Could those eyes be any bigger? She is like a Blythe doll!

I totally know what you mean about the not-a-baby-anymore feeling. It's hard to reconcile. On one hand, you are so excited that your baby is more interactive and more fun to play with, but sometimes I get wistful for that tiny, helpless person.

twobears said... [Reply to comment]

Those eyes! I don't have kids but lots of my friends do and I'm always amazed at how quickly they change from babies to "children"'s really such a short space of time. She's cuter than a budlie and that's saying something!

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ ) said... [Reply to comment]

When you ask "who's that girl" I can answer to you : she's the most beautiful little angel I've ever seen !!!!!!!! She's like having so much "power" of peace and love ! I think my little Louis would fall in love with her !!!! Big hugs to you Sam !

Martha said... [Reply to comment]

An absolutely beautiful little creature!

lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

samantha, this picture of sadie takes my breath away, I wanted to cry.....she is so beautiful there aren't enough words to describe how exquisite she is....I want to surround her and protect her....our love for her overflows..

Cara Bryant said... [Reply to comment]

oh my gosh. She is SOOO beautiful! I love her eyes. And its so true, can they ever get any bigger? I mean, she's just so naturally stunning !
Aw, I love her.
Merry Christmas by the way! And happy new year! Have a good one!
-all the love

Mira Heitz said... [Reply to comment]

Sam, She looks like such a big girl, I hardly recognized her in this picture. It is stunning! But I know there is still sweet little babyness in her. Especially in the cheek and tummy areas. Delicious!

Auntie Wanda said... [Reply to comment]

Sam, I've always been so proud of you and love every one of your creations. However, you and Jay made the best creation of all! Sadie is beautiful inside and out. Thanks for sharing all your pics with us.