Wednesday, October 10, 2012

kcwc: fall edition

It's that [exciting, inspiring, satisfying] time of the year again - the week of working on kids clothes for at least an hour a day (aka KCWC). Last fall I started with knitting too because I find it hard to start sewing when I have an unfinished knitting project sitting around. Especially one destined for a kid. So I wove in the ends, steam blocked and put some toggle buttons on this sweater for Sadie. The pattern is the simple, much-loved Cap Sleeve Sweater modified this time to be a cardigan (Sadie's request). The wool was reclaimed from a sweater I made years ago and it's taken me a while to figure out how to use it. One thing I learned is that as much as I love the colours of Noro's Kureyon, my hands just don't like it. I can get excema on my hands and this time I broke out exactly where the wool was wrapping around my fingers. So, no more Noro for me. Cute stripey sweater for Sadie.

Then this is a total cheat: I cut out a scarf for Sadie from some bargain striped knit fabric. Yes - I mean there was no sewing, just cutting a straight rectangle. But you wouldn't believe how happy this makes her. She was able to practice the new knot my friend taught us (who just returned from Paris with fancy French knots to share). Scarves like this are a big deal to Sadie right now and I have an urgent request from her for a knit cowl too. Guess kids are into neckwear this year.

I've also got some more Canadian reading to share. Admittedly, I read Inside by Alix Ohlin for the cover (and yes, I will also buy wine based on label design). Luckily it was mostly worth it. I enjoyed it, but as I sit here writing, I realize I have very little to say about it. The characters were interesting and shared a connection with a central woman who is a therapist in Montreal, but the other details are a little fuzzy. Turns out it's the cover I remember most, though there is a great review at the Amazon link which makes me think I just missed the point. The Mistress of Nothing by Kate Pullinger however, was far more memorable for me. We've been watching Downton Abbey so I was immediately drawn to the story of a British Lady's maid. Although I cannot understand Sally's unwavering allegiance to a "Lady" - or anyone of the upper, upper class - the insight was fascinating and the African setting was equally compelling. I felt emotional for Sally, and was near tears when she had to do the unthinkable (but my 21st century perspective made it hard to imagine there weren't other choices). It was a swift, great read.

For more knitting and reading stories visit today's Yarnalong and for kids clothes inspiration make sure to check out the KCWC Flickr pool.


Steph VW said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you so much for continuing your book recommendations. I just finished "Alone in the Classroom" and found the small details and observations in Elizabeth Hay's writing had me smiling despite the tragedies at the heart of the story. I have my own version of an Aunt Connie, so it was quite enchanting.

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Mary Jo said... [Reply to comment]

Your cardigan is beautiful!

Greer said... [Reply to comment]

Love the scarf! LOVE the cardigan. Beautiful stuff xx

Angela said... [Reply to comment]

That cardy is beautiful!

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