Wednesday, July 18, 2012

pink ladies

Just before Craftsy decided it couldn't ship to Canada anymore (really? it's that challenging? I'm thinking about you too Zappos!) I stocked up on some yummy Rowan Amy Butler Belle Organic DK. Sadie loved the colour and she was sure her Gramma would too. So I had two projects quickly lined up, and Gramma's was finished just in time for her birthday.

Now I don't get the chance to say this often, but my mom is one pretty lady. She dressed up in red for her birthday which was a great setup for the pink shawl (and I love her red sequined headband). I tried to make this shawl a bit bigger than the last Mara I made her, and the garter edge seemed a little more tailored and summer-y than the Mara's usual ruffle. Sadie's version - knit after Gramma's was finished - is an almost exact replica because Sadie shares Gramma's fashion sense and wanted a matching garment. The pink is sweet on her and seeing a kid in a shawl is pretty charming.

I also just finished The Sweet By and By by Todd Johnson, another book I'm glad to have stuck with. A few chapters in I almost gave up, but the characters voices finally started to grow on me and I also began to see the wisdom of the story. It's quite a poignant exploration of aging and sickness and I feel like my eyes were really opened to both. 

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Ellen said... [Reply to comment]

Very nice shawls. It is so sweet that your daughter wanted to wear one along with grandma. Such a cheerful pink. I find that some of the wraps, shawls, kerchiefs are too small and need to add on length or width to them (like my latest kerchief I'm knitting).

Evelyn said... [Reply to comment]

Grandma and granddaughter are the definition of "pretty in pink." Lovely!

lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

Thankyou for the compliments my dear daughter......and I love the shawl, this pink being one of my favourites. The extra length makes a big difference. Thankyou my dear granddaughter for wanting one the same as continue to delight me as always. How lucky am I to have samantha make things for me, I am in awe of your talent.

Speaking of books, I just finished 'Moon Hall'and absolutely loved it.