Saturday, November 19, 2011

crossover crazy

I do not need more hoodies. 

And yet, I keep making them. I'm up to three now - there's a black fleece one too but I know black is pretty impossible to photograph (and I've been wearing it the most, meaning it's always covered in cat hair). It took a couple of tries to get the crossover hood just right, but now it's working and it seems foolproof even when using different fabrics. The geeky sewer in me loves the resulting shape of the pattern piece because it has this great swooping line. The gray hoodie was my first, and the inspiration for the front pockets is from Norah Gaughan's Kaari sweater. Although I'd like to knit it someday, I prefer the stiffness the pockets get when it's made from jersey (but don't get me wrong, it's great knit too). The pocket design is fantastic - they hit at the perfect spot and it feels so right to plunge your hands in there. The overall body for these sweaters is still from my basic-but-altered t-shirt pattern from Wendy Mullin's Sew U Home Stretch. It works every time - her book is so worth the investment!

For a bit of contrast I tried gingham bias tape to edge the hood and pockets on this navy version. It might be a bit too much, but I like the idea of having different bands of colour, especially around the hood. I guess I'll just have to try another sweater to really work out the ideal combination.

Because everyone needs a closet full of hoodies, obviously.


zofia said... [Reply to comment]

They are fabulous.
The contrast does look good. I agree with you about the sweater, in jersey it is just not as bulky as a handknit.

beth lehman said... [Reply to comment]

I love them!! They look so comfy! I wish I could take a sewing class with you - I am just NOT confident sewing with knits!

Coco said... [Reply to comment]

One more .. Love it !
Looks great, love the colour combo.
Exciting, hoodies are the best.

My lovig Sis got me a bunch. Today I wore one, but didn't realize it was the hoodie on my head. I thought it was my winter coat's hood.
Walking past shops I completely surprised myself when I saw a reflection in the window .. me with a blue head.
Made me lol...

Carolyn said... [Reply to comment]

these are awesome!!!