Tuesday, October 25, 2011

skinny minnie

Life got in the way of blogging last week so I missed including my last bit of sewing for KCWC. Truthfully, it wasn't the most exciting project but it was very practical. At 7 years old (umm, when did that happen?) Sadie has long enough legs for the size 6X, but her waist is teeny weeny. Not surprisingly, I've been having trouble getting pants that fit her because to make sure her ankles are covered means the waist - even if it's elasticized - is ginormous. I've had two pairs of cords sitting on the sewing table for ages and she needed them made wearable more than she needed a new sweatshirt (which would have been more fun, I mean look at how great Trula's hoodie is). But sometimes practical just has to win. I had some striped jersey that worked with both purple and pink, so after a little cutting and a few lines of serging, Sadie had two new pants to wear.

Verdict: easy solution, happy girl.