Thursday, February 10, 2011

hoodie explosion

Suddenly I have more hoodies than I need, but that doesn't mean they aren't getting worn. Or more made. It's quite satisfying to see my knit fabric stash getting smaller and I love that Sadie is now requesting a hoodie collection of her own. She may not wear what I knit for her, but hoodies are a sure thing.

On the theme of knitwear, Sascha from Piccoli Piselli has a great post about sewing with knits. I had a eureka! moment reading her blog back in the summer and basically I use her cuff technique for just about every garment I make. This post has also led me to a great new hoodie pattern. The ruffle detail will be perfect for Sadie and so my hoodie love can continue. Belly pockets can work for adults too, right?


Kelly Hogaboom said... [Reply to comment]

A hoodie explosion is one of the *best* kinds of explosions, along with kittens and chocolate (but don't mix the three). I've put together some knit-sewing lurve too (check the Farbenmix details, making a long hood with knots in it!). You're no beginner, but maybe you'll find something fun!

I need to find a good hoodie pattern for myself. I'm a size 14 and wear a 38DDD so I want to find something shaped and with bust darts. I also want a large, generous hood for my big noggin'!

Great job on the hoodies!

Sascha said... [Reply to comment]

Love these. I need to start sewing for me and forget about the little leeches. And yes, belly pockets are so totally going to go on my first adult hoodie.

Anna said... [Reply to comment]

this is awesome! I love the hoodies. :) great job.