Wednesday, January 26, 2011

girlie hudson

Hands down, earflaps are a necessity this winter.

As I was finishing Milo's Hudson Hat in November, Sadie decided she wanted a matching version but it actually took me three tries to get the colour combo to work (umm, I may be a wee bit picky about colour). The purple/blue/pink stripe suited Sadie just fine and she kept reminding me to work on the hat even though I had holiday knitting to finish. Eventually I got it done, wove in all the ends, and she has been wearing it ever since. It makes her especially happy when we can convince Milo to wear his too, but being a toddler - this doesn't always happen.

Would it be wrong to make one for Jay next?  I'm already pretty close to unravelling my own (very pink) hat to make an earflap version (basically I heart the Hudson Hat pattern). We've been ice skating a few times every week and the wind masterfully sneaks its way into my ears, so a hat that ties under my chin sounds perfect. An ice-skating family of four wearing matching hats may be a little much though.

Or just about right.


Deborah Guthrie said... [Reply to comment]

It would be just right.

lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

I like the colours in Sadie's hat and you might have to include Gramma in the matching hats. If I'm going to skate, I think I need ear-flaps too.....something in red perhaps??