Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a simple plan

There is no time like the present to start living a more simple life.

No doubt the economy is scary, but I also have a maternity leave coming up which means we will be living on a reduced income for the next year.  But in all honesty, I find this opportunity exciting.  I often reflect fondly on the days when Jay and I had no choice but to be frugal.  I left university with a large student loan to pay and I chose to come up with concrete strategies to pay the loan off in 2 years.  And not once did I feel like I was missing out.  We enjoyed eating in, never missed cable, lived happily without a car, borrowed movies from the library and spent our time making art with the supplies we already had.  It was simple and very satisfying.

Then life changes and you slip into bad habits.  The current crunch on our time is certainly the culprit for us now because when I had my year's maternity leave with Sadie - and Jay wasn't even working then - we had no problem re-living our frugal ways.  This time around I'm leaving work a month before the baby is due and I'd like to spend that time stocking the freezer with meals (I love the idea of once-a-month cooking), making simple baby items like flannel cloths instead of running out to the store for supplies, and spending quality time with Sadie, figuring out simple ways to enjoy our time together (which is one of the main things I am looking forward to - time with my girl, each and every day).

Oh, and I may make a thing or two.  I have piles of wool and fabric to keep me busy for years, as long as I can manage "making" with a new baby in the picture.  As I write this, my mind is racing with ideas, a sure sign that I'm excited to begin.  Jay is already on board (he's campaigning to quit cable right now) and I think Sadie will embrace it too (she already understands the rule of "stuff" - with her toys, if something new comes in, she happily donates something she can live without).

But I wonder if the library will stock Molly Wizenberg's (aka Orangette) new book?  Okay, at least one more book purchase before the frugal year begins.  I've never been one to limit the written word, especially when life is about enjoying the simple things.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Sam, I love your philosophy!
Wishing you well as you await the birth of your second baby.

Love, light and hope always.