Saturday, October 25, 2008

sewing mishap #635

I've done it again. Even though I used a pattern, I've made a shirt fit for a pregnant woman.

The pattern was easy (Simplicity 2931), and I was really happy with the shirt until Jay caught sight of it. He just laughed and asked why I'm so drawn to puffy, baggy clothes. Sure, empire waists are in, as are gathers and flowing tops, but still, it seems this shirt pushes the limits. In its favour, it is very comfortable and I love the deep chocolate brown of the corduroy (thank you Superbuzzy). But speaking of corduroy, that's probably the main reason why it's too puffy. Oh well. A lightweight cotton or linen would probably turn out better but I think I'll move on to another pattern.

Or stop sewing altogether. Yeah, that's it.


Mira said... [Reply to comment]

or get pregnant (just kidding).
I love everything about this top and it looks great on you.

Julie said... [Reply to comment]

I'm thinking you can still make some simple alterations to make it more flattering, if you prefer. I wouldn't try to make it "fitted" per se, but just shape the side seams a small bit to curve in at the waist. I would pin it that way first and try it on, to see if you like it. And maybe make the sleeves 3/4 length, just to make it appear to have less fabric. Just an idea, and you still did a super job putting it together! :)