Monday, May 19, 2008

stitching for sadie

How could I forget how much fun it is to sew for a little girl? Maybe it was Sadie's reaction to the pants I made her last summer, but luckily her tune has changed. Or perhaps it's the polka dots.

I was inspired by elsiemarley's pillowcase dresses and I had just enough scraps left from my ginham top to put together this tank. I didn't use a pattern - which truly is the joy of sewing for a 3 1/2 year old - and decided to only gather the front. The MOP buttons are just decorative, but they did a nice job of echoing the green polka dots. All in all it was a quick, simple garment that was fun to make and that Sadie has happily worn. And I've already cut out the next project: a three tiered skirt with an elastic waist. Sadie is really enamoured with skirts and dresses right now, so I better jump on the opportunity while it lasts.

The sewing will have to wait though - I will be absent from here for about two weeks because I'm hopping on a plane this Friday destined for...Paris!! I'm going with Ragdoll; she has a wedding to attend and her husband didn't want to go. I don't think she even got the question out of her mouth before I said "yes!". I have never been to Paris, and I'm getting more excited every day. Paris in the Spring with a girlfriend willing to do all the girlie things we want to do? I'm a pretty lucky girl and ready to be overwhelmed with inspiration. And if anyone has any "must-do" suggestions for Paris, please share. Little shops, places to eat, places to dream - anything! Oh, and I'll also take suggestions for how to handle leaving my favourite little girl behind, a whole ocean away. I may be excited, but I'm still a Mommy.



Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

Paris! You'll be fine. I haven't been an ocean away from Ruby, but I've flown away from her twice. When we went to New York this time last year I was freaking out, but as soon as I got there I barely even thought about her. Just call as often as you can so you don't feel guilty and have a great time!

lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

And.....I'm the lucky gramma who gets to have Sadie for the whole week, we can hardly wait. Alas, we are just grandparents, it's really 'Uncle Steven' that Sadie says she is staying with. Ah, Paris in the spring, we can only dream.

Emmeline said... [Reply to comment]

Ah Paris - how I love Paris.

Found my way here from tragic right hip's blog. Some of my favorite places are Poilane for a sweet treat, cafes on Il'St. Louis to enjoy the view of Notre Dame and hours can be spent people watching in The Tuileries or Luxembourg Gardens.

Enjoy and Bon Jour!

lucykate crafts... said... [Reply to comment]

so cute, love the patch pocket. paris is great, you must visit 'la droguerie'