Saturday, February 02, 2008

snow thrift

When it snows, at least there are thrift shops within walking distance. Many times during my maternity leave this saved my sanity, especially in the seven months (yes, seven) before I had a stroller. I learned to love my nieghbourhood quickly - almost everything we need is a short walk away. And there is just something romantic about walking around in the fresh snow, especially when it's still falling and you're wrapped up in scarves and hats wearing big boots. These days, I think it's my favourite time to be alone.

But let me get to the pattern I found. It's so 1970's and unfortunately a little big (although a size 12 back then isn't far off from my measurements now) but I think I can modify it enough to make it work. The square neckline is the best feature and coincedentally this pattern is exactly like a shirt I saw in Banana Republic a month ago, but it was screaming for better fabric. So next up - choosing a fabric, and if it's anything like choosing red paint, I can count on it taking me a few months to decide. A quick look at Superbuzzy has given me a few options already, like this, and this, and this. Though I'm tempted to not act my age and try something more like this.

Of course, I'm still dreaming about linen too, and the more I think of it, a gauzy linen would give the blouse a great contemporary feel. Hmm. Too many choices, never enough strength to decide.


Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

I love all those fabrics, including the polka dots. I think I'd go for the third one though, minimal and pretty. Or the second one with the flowers. Or the polka dots.

meg said... [Reply to comment]

the one thrift store within walking distance up and closed on me with no warning. I am still mad. Oh, and I vote for linen.