Wednesday, December 26, 2007

stoked x 3

An old boyfriend used to love finding the opportunity to say he was "stoked". So, I'm taking his youthful, useful word and listing three things that have me stoked these days:

1) Sadie's drawings. One day all she could manage were scribbles, then a day later she knew how to make faces with arms and legs. This guy above doesn't actually have legs, but Sadie claims it's a tiger, hence the pattern on the body. Pattern on the body? How did she jump into this realm of undertsanding? (And I think I'll have to embroider him on something - how can I resist?)

2) Scarbiedoll's honesty. This post struck a chord with me, and I adore Nadine for sharing her experiences so candidly, allowing us to feel like we're not alone. 'Cause we're not.

3) This book. I asked Jay the other day if he ever thought I would become such a knitter, and he honestly answered "no." Deep down I know the turn happened after Sadie was born - it's the one thing I can pick up and put down quickly, and no sharp (well, not really sharp) implements are used so I can leave it around. Everywhere. But I mainly knit functional things from patterns so this book is a real inspiration. Nothing helps more than seeing a community of people pushing the limits of the craft, and I'm always stoked to hear the backgrounds of these artists - how they got here, what lifestyle they lead now, what future they are dreaming of. It's a great book to end the year reading, cosied up on the couch thinking about a whole new year of possibilities.


Marla said... [Reply to comment]

Well...I believe that some day you could knit something that might belong here:

I saw the exhibit, and thought of you. And I'll loan you the book if you'd like.

lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

Dad, Steven & I are utterly amazed with Sadie's drawing. She is afterall, only 3......I had to call them....'come quick, see Sadie's artwork'.

Samantha, I never realized the joy of knitting until you got me hooked. We had stitch n' bitch today and the hat & purse you made for me were envied by the girls.

Claire said... [Reply to comment]

What an adorable drawing! Your blog is just lovely- I'm glad to have found it!

scarbie doll said... [Reply to comment]

Personally I think you could start a baby shoe business! The ones you made for Lucine are so beautiful. Thanks for the nice words. Missing you and the fam -- let's get together in 2008.