Saturday, July 02, 2005

downtime and butterflies

Wow, all you need is an interruption in your internet service to remind you that without it, you can get a lot done. Yesterday I got a coat of paint up, filled the garden with more plants courtesy of Rona's 50% off sale, worked on a bunny pattern and went down to Harbourfront for some great music and atmosphere. My apologies to Ragdoll for my delay at trying out links! We had a wonderful visit on Friday before the street construction knocked Sympatico sideways. I think the message all round was - share your time with good friends and split your time more evenly doing the things you love.

Also, here is the first "craft" image. Thanks to a few good blogs, I was inspired to submit a softie into this. The theme was June Bugs, and since Sadie loves the final page of A Very Hungry Caterpillar I thought a butterfly was appropriate. And thanks to Ragdoll, I've been reading again. I read the first two chapters of this to Sadie and I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it, if squeals are any indication.


hip_ragdoll said... [Reply to comment]

Look at you creating links and all kinds of other fun stuff. Love the butterflies.

lauren said... [Reply to comment]

the butterfly is beautiful! are those seed bead details on the wings?

samlamb said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks Lauren - they are actually little embroidered x's. Beads would be a great idea!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

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Argentice said... [Reply to comment]

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